Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Speak any text using a voice from your region..
In this example I'm using "Tessa", familiar to South Africans as the original recorded voice of Telkom.
The voice of Tessa needs to be downloaded from Apple. It's big: 500mb or so..

   Apple Menu 
 System Preferences 

Click the "Speech" System Preferences panel button
Click Text to Speech tab, select System Voice ("Bruce" by default)
Choose Customize from the drop-down menu
Scroll to "South Africa" or type "Tessa" in the search box
Wait for it to download...
Wait for it to download...

Now open TextEdit
(⌘ spacebar, type texted, hit enter)

Type something.. anything or copy and paste..
 Highlight the text 

Right (or ctrl) click
 Speech ▶ Start Speaking 

Right (or ctrl) click text and choose Speech ▶ Start Speaking

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