Friday, May 11, 2012

Google power searching with [site:] (site colon)

This tutorial will show you how to do your own power-searches
or plunder the contents of a specific website using

For Mac Spotlight power-searching, click here:

To summarize

In a Google search, paste in the URL of a website, but type site: instead of http://www.

Now type a space, followed by your search query eg.

Now for the long-winded version:

Meet my favourite
Google party trick

By the end of this, you will have a useful
tool for power-searching an entire website.

What is it?
A Google listing of all indexed webpages for a specific site

Why would I need that?
To get a good overview of the
number of, or types of pages on a site

Trick #1 site:

By the way..
this isn't the best bit, that's
#2 site: + query

and even better is
#2.1 site: + query (images)

but we needed to start here, so..

Think of a website

Copy it's URL (address)

Now, in a standard Google search, type:
site:[root address of the site you want to explore]
Note: something in [green] is a suggestion from me ie. you should type your own stuff there

or in other words..
replace the

and now we are one click away from..

Trick #1.1 site: (images)
If you click the Images link / button on the side
you've got all images on the site

Trick #2 site: + query
Now we're cookin'..

How to find something specific on a website
(without using the website's own search engine)

In a google search box, type:
site:[root address] + [space] + [query]

So if you typed xyz
(take note of the space before the xyz)

then you would have
every reference to xyz
on Apple's whole site

Trick #2.1 site:query (images)
If you click the images link (for google images)
you've got all images of xyz on Apple

that's all, folks

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