Saturday, November 17, 2012

SideEffects Credits


Credits | Acknowledgements

Thank you, dear user,
for your patience, tech input, words of support
and donations during testing.

Many thanks to
cooViewerZoom (ColorfulfulSidebar)
Norio Nomura
Mike Solomon (SIMBL)
for making their rocket science freely available.

Created using Apple Packagemaker by

Simon Barnett
aka iSimon aka Simbasounds
in Cape Town, South Africa


~• Many Thanks •~

Many Thanks to all of you who donated to this project since it started in June 2012.
Thanks to your kind contributions you have allowed SideEffects to continue to improve.

Alan Barbour
andrea corti
Antonio Bernhard
ARIUS Video Productions
Artez'n llc
Barry Thomas
Bayview Resort
Bonnie Wenborg
Brad Robinson
Bruce Bladon
Bruno Ribeiro
Cameron Haase-Pettingell
Carlton Stout
Carol DeLancey
Color Consult AB
Cozy McFee
David Entermann
David Negvesky
David Robison
Delores Orridge
Dr Jonathan S Berman
Edward Goss
Elana M. Messer
Ellen Slocum
Ezynic, S.L.
F Robert Falbo
Fergus Lalor
Frank Parth
Georgios Papadoukakis
Giuliano Bonaiuti
Gunnar Reed
Harald Oehmt
Harvey Jeffries
Helle Madsen
Jason Starr
Jill Holmquist
Joe Goddard
Johannes Merkler
John Drake
Justin Winchester
Kathleen Traylor
Katie Anderson
Keith Spann
Kjetil Berge
Klaus Zander
Larry Lusch
Leo LaPan
Lester Bagley
Lori Griffin
Malama Web Design and Hosting
Mark Edwards
Martin Camacho
Matti Rissanen
Michael Trollope
Mike Schultze, Inc.
Paolo Casagni
Patrick Elma
Patrick Schannong
Philip Beaudet
Raffael St√ľken
Rainer Schaaf
Richard Schilling
Ron Cohen
Ronnie Montgomery
Ross Hudgins
scott squire
Simon Carroll
Simon Knight
Sofia Ames
Spiral Ingenuity LLC
Stephen Armand
Stephen Marmon
Ted Robinson Graphic Design
tomasz sikora
Walter Bowen
William Luckie

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