Friday, May 4, 2012

Top Mac Apps

The best Mac Apps
(in the author's opinion, of course..)

Alternative App Store
The alternative App Store. A great selection of genuinely useful apps in a funky user-friendly interface..
Finder Tabs
Tabbed Browsing - Add tabs on top of Finder. The same tabs as seen in Google Chrome.

Currently the fastest and most popular web browser
Unless you use Chrome, you're probably going to need this
Drop files into a folder to back them up to your Google account. Edit them anywhere online.
Like Google Drive.. the original online sharing app
Cheap phone calls
Torrent client

Plays anything
Extra codecs for Quicktime player
Advanced, free video converter

File Management
Intelligent, customizable dupe finder
Archiver - Alternative archive handler
Alternative archive handler

A Better Finder Rename - Highly advanced file renamer
A Better Finder Rename
Highly advanced file renamer
Non-index based searching for when the brilliant Spotlight is proving to be a little too "clever"
Categorize files into folders based on their file type
Back-up your data and synchronize Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space.

Technical Tools
Easy to install and use cross-platform LAN and internet remote desktop tech support.
LAN-based desktop sharing with Windows computers for Mac.
An alternative to the excellent Apple Disk, iPartition includes a huge number of partition types and the ability to write MBR boot code to drives for advanced boot capabilities.
An alternative to the default Apple allowing force-installation, .pkg unpacking and installation to external devices for when won't allow it.
The stalwart of Mac tech support is still the only completely reliable way of rebuilding a corrupt file-system. Disk Warrior will rescue unmountable disks in most cases (for damage beyond file-system, see Test Disk). Recommended as part of advanced maintenance.
Recovers lost or damaged boot sectors. Will recover a drive when Disk Warrior can't see it.
An alternative to the default Apple boot loader, rEFIt offers added file-system support (extfs) and overcomes problems with Boot Camp.
See what's been installed to the system by third-party installers and disable problematic and performance-reducing startup items.
Change permissions and remove ACLs on files and folders of files and sub-folders.
The best NTFS driver for Mac, allowing excellent write-capability and adding extra formatting and repair functions to Disk

Cleaning and Maintenance
Safely slims down the size of Apps by removing unused languages and leftover code. Cleans caches not cleaned by other apps: use it with Lion Cache Cleaner, MainMenu or OnyX. Has been known to free up to 3Gb of space, depending on what's installed.
More than just a cache cleaner, LCC (or Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner) is one of the most complete set of Mac maintenance, repair and settings suites around.

MainMenu Pro
Full maintenance, repair and settings suite accessible from the menu bar.
App uninstaller

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