Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Apple Look

Ever been asked by a client to make their brochure or website have "The Apple Look"?
Clean, white, elegant, white, minimalist, white?

It's not all white, but each element must fit in with that cleaner-than-ivory look, so here's an analysis taken by sampling screenshots using the Macs default color profile.

Web colors and relevant HSB values are given.

Drop Shadow: #cdcdcd (B:80%)
Grey Lines: #cccccc (B:80%)

Links Bar

Top Buttons Gradient - off:
Darkest: #5e5e5e (B:37%)
Lightest: #8b8b8b (B:55%)

Top Buttons Gradient - on:
Darkest: #090909 (B:4%)
Lightest: #424242 (B:26%)


Headings Gradient:
Darkest: #424242 (B:26%)
Lightest: #898989 (B:54%)

Product Shelf Ribbon:
#f8f8f8 (B:97%)

Navigation Panel background
Top: #596167
Bottom: #efefef (B:94%)

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